Anthony Pierpont

Direct - 612-850-8039

I specialize in personal service and a hands on 7 day a week approach to real estate, finance, acquisition and management of real estate. I enjoy working with first time home buyers teaching them everything I have learned over the years. I emphasize sustainable minimalism and a conservative approach for people buying their first home. Along with the superb lenders I work with we make it our goal to set our clients up for success and make sure they are not buying a “money pit” or a mortgage payment that will set them up for failure. We have a team of expert property inspectors who will give our buyer a snapshot of the properties condition and a list of items that should be fixed now and later.

Negotiation and presentation of an offer is critical. When we identify a property we make sure that buyer have comparable sales to look at so that they are making an educated decision about what dollar amount makes sense so that they do not over pay. In multiple offer situations I employ years of experience and diplomacy to ensure we get our offer picked. Many of these proven tactics have nothing to do with the price of the home and they work 80% of the time.

Several of our clients have credit issues that need a small fix or a major repair. We have lenders that have helped our clients raise their credit scores by 100 points with proven methods. Our lenders use credit simulators that give us advice that clients can employ to improve their credit health. When major repairs are necessary we have companies we work with that can accomplish this task at a reasonable price with proven results.

My goal with customer service is total satisfaction and to exceed my clients initial expectations at every opportunity possible. I take customer service to a fanatical level truly love my job. I make it my goal to educate my clients, give them excellent service every step of the way.



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